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December 20, 2016
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September 22, 2014
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CEO greetings

Guardian ENG Co., Ltd. is a specialized IT convergence company combining electric / electronic and wireless communication technologies. We have applied loT technology to existing road lighting (streetlight / security, etc.) and applied it to the smart grid (wireless remote lighting and energy control system), water grid (unmanned water meter reading system) , Disabled people, poor people, etc.) into one system, we are taking a step forward in enhancing the lives of the people through the "ONE-STOP Happy Safety System" Hanaro.

The Guardian wireless networking network, which was created by the Unimo and International Electronics technicians who produced the police station radio and VHF unidirectional wireless communication, is a powerful wireless communication network based on wide-area multi-party communication. It is able to transmit reliable information securely It is also possible to implement various additional services by building an "open" wireless network that can be used by third parties. We will make every effort to provide more convenient services. Thank you.

CEO Bong-su, Park

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